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CRAIG ANTHONY - Focusedon building strategic, quality partnerships with business

CRAIG ANTHONY is headed up by Craig Clutty, a businessman with strong entrepreneurial abilities; he has a passion for all aspects of business and is always interested in establishing partnerships, assisting in new or established business ventures, developing a dynamic corporate brand or to simply just take on those projects that business owners don't ever seem to find the time to get to.


His passion for technology and his involvement in the global tech, education & training industries enables him to assess evolving trends over a wide spectrum of commercial and industrial technological developments. His latest ventures include FidTech, PropTech, Insurtech & Fintech delivering exciting leading edge, global first technology solutions in Fiduciary, Property and the Financial service space serving Banking, Insurance, Medical and Retail sectors.

Craig established his first business in 1991 & his business experience spans across numerous business sectors, namely information technology, mobile app development, cloud platforms, print & design, import, export, retail, distribution & education.


What really excites Craig is assisting Global and locally based partners in establishing their brands successfully within Africa and abroad. This is achieved by either establishing a partnership with a local office presence within the region or simply linking global partners to qualified local representatives best suited to represent their brands within various the respective market sectors.


Craig was instrumental in launching the Oakley Sunglass brand into the South African fashion world and was part of a dynamic team responsible for distributing the Continental bicycle tyre brand into the cycling sector. Other international brands that he has also assisted with -  Renthal, Motul Oil, Metzeler tyres & Shoei helmets. 


GTS Learning (UK), TestOut Corporation (USA), Velsoft (Canada), McGraw Hill Publishing, Tekaef (Germany), CCH Trading (Austria) Twinkle Globe (Canada) , Manual Woodworkers & Weavers (USA)

are just a few of the Global corporations whose brands have been represented within the African region. Craig has assisted in establishing & operationalising numerous local entities within Southern Africa. 

Craig is member of the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa and also an honoury Golden Key graduate presented to him at the University of Pretoria for his contribution and commitment in assisting businesses and individuals in uplifting education in Africa and his desire to make education and training accessible to all.




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