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What We Do

We assist local & international companies to gear their business for excellence within all areas of operation by providing cost effective management, expertise & solutions delivered in the following areas:

- Company & Infrastructure Planning setup including retail

- Local Office Establishment / Representation for Global Partners

- Brand Establishment, Development, Invention/Re-Invention, Creation & Transition

- Board Governance & Interim Board Membership

- Business Management, Business Strategy, Structuring, Finance & Budgets

- IT Systems, Cloud & Web Based, Solutions, Platforms & Software

- HR Structuring, Staff & Skills Training

- Sales Management

- Inventory Management

- Import & Export, International Shipping and Logistics, International Sales & Distribution

- Local & International Sourcing and Quality Control

- Mobile App / Web App Platforms & Application Planning

Speciality Areas
  • Mobile/Web App Development AR/VR

  • Cloud Platforms & IT

  • Marketing & Communications

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • Education

  • Managing Brand & Design

  • Resources & Infrastructure

  • Business Setup & Planning

  • Business Registration


Neil Rom - Director (OKI - Middle East, India, Europe, Turkey, Africa)

 “I have known Craig for close on 20 years now and over the years he has time and again demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit. Always willing to look for new opportunities to start a business. Willing to take calculated risks, highly energetic with a good head for business.

I enjoy spending time with Craig as his passion is contagious”


Mark Walker - Associated Vice President - Sub-Saharan Africa (IDC)

"I know Craig as a focused, principled and energetic leader, we served as board members for 2 years and built strategy, aligned operational objectives, created strong marketing and customer positioning and built pragmatic finance plans to turn the organisation around from almost certain failure. Craig was instrumental in bringing sound financial management and business discipline to the organisation while raising the marketing profile in key areas without which the chances of success would have been significantly reduced."

Robin Adda - CEO (GTS Learning UK)

I have worked with Craig for more than 10 years. He is a true entrepreneur, always looking for ideas that will benefit his business whilst looking after his partners. He has great leadership qualities - he is completely honest, easy to work with, has a great sense of humour and is full of energy. I greatly enjoy working with Craig and discussing the next opportunity.


Anna-Marie Russel - Director (Association of Christian Schools International)

“Craig Clutty is a man of integrity, a pleasure to work with. He is committed to the task and is highly focused. He ensures that he is well informed on matters at hand and does extensive research on matters relating to the task. Craig is well respected by his peers and valued in the community.”

Ken Langley  (Kings Education Group)

“I have served with Craig Clutty on the Board of Directors and have come to know him as a man of integrity who performs his duties with excellence. He is a man of his word, thoroughly reliable and diligent in the execution of tasks and I would characterise him as someone who regularly goes the 'extra mile' to serve others with his expertise. Craig's extensive involvement with volunteer work and in other educational institutions is a testament to his generous nature and his principled approach to business. Craig is a devoted Christian who does not carry his faith as a badge, but demonstrates it authentically through his conduct and actions. He has a unique ability to use his analytical skills to assess a situation and devise innovative solutions to problems, an ability which has proven invaluable in organisations where we have served together.”

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